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Welcome to California Music Channel Online!

The CMC Story
"Innovator " • "Successful" • "Persistent" • "Survivor" • "Leader"

From an impressive list of advertising clients to broadcasting and recording industry insiders, the quoted descriptions above are frequently used when referring to the award winning music television services of CMC Broadcasting Company Incorporated. Named by Billboard Magazine as outstanding local music video station of the year for five consecutive years, CMC owns and operates one of the longest running local music video stations in America, CMC CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL.

Radio with Pictures
CMC Television is programmed like radio, but with pictures. Of course, it's really nothing new. Situation comedies, soaps, action, drama, news, sports, game and variety shows, indeed NBC, CBS, and ABC, all originated on radio. Just as radio turned to phonograph records when television and FM fragmented radio audiences; television, the internet, and wireless media turn to music. This is not music of old traditional TV variety or award shows. This is music video, motion picture records.

Today, virtually every popular song is available in video. All major music companies, as well as independent producers solicit CMC to receive air play on this important promotional outlet. The vast CMC music video library exceeds 50,000 titles.

CMC is unlike all other music video offerings from national cable networks, video clip sites or wireless services. CMC is truly radio with pictures. Like successful music radio, CMC is local, live, and free over the air.  CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL serves viewers 24 hours a day with crystal clear digital video in widescreen 16x9 and Dolby Stereo audio on Nielsen rated CMC-TV San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose and on the CMC APP.  CMC is a digital broadcast channel on nine CMC-TV branded over the air stations from Redding to Salinas with emphasis in the San Francisco Bay Area. CMC is seen in HD on all internet capable Flash, HDS, IOS devices including OTT apps from Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Google Play. Recorded CMC episodes are also available on Comcast Xfinity Video on Demand throughout California. The radio analogy is actual and real. CMC is also a popular radio station, simulcast live 24x7, on Tunein.

CMC’s radio connection extends to its DJ personalities Chuy Gomez, Mary Diaz, “Hoodrat” Miguel,  All are professional San Francisco radio announcers with a combined experience of many years.  CMC’s on camera DJs are the viewer’s friend.  Announcers play host to the world’s most popular music videos, take requests, give away valuable prizes, and enthusiastically promote our client’s product.  Excited viewers call the Station toll free.  Happy winners are put on air live exclaiming their joy for CMC.  Fans also call or email their song requests and dedications.  Within seconds people hear themselves along with their favorite song and dedication on the air.  CMC personalities are Bay Area residents delivering up to the minute information about the community they know and love.

The Beginning
CMC President and CEO, Richard Kurkjian founded CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL on August 31, 1981. Mr. Kurkjian is a 1978 graduate of University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business. While at UC Berkeley he volunteered as announcer, traffic manager, and salesman for the University’s radio station KALX. Subsequently he held account executive positions with KRE radio in Berkeley and KABL radio in San Francisco.  CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL premiered on March 1, 1982. Since its initial broadcast, CMC has provided continuous and uninterrupted service.

Client Satisfaction
There are many reasons for CMC's impressive track record. Perhaps the most important reason is client satisfaction. CMC advertisers are happy because of their experience with positive results and outstanding customer service. Year after year, eighty percent of CMC revenue is repeat business.

The Fresh New Flavor
CMC's music programming is an exciting mix of contemporary hit music presented in a hot climate of personality, energy, enthusiasm, confidence, fun, and audience participation. Local focus affords CMC opportunity to respond to demands of its market in a manner national music networks cannot provide. The combination of popular on-camera DJs, remote broadcasts, interviews with stars, viewer contests, requests and shout outs add to CMC's energy and appeal.

Ratings and Results
CMC-TV is reported by Nielsen as a local broadcast station in the San Francisco–Oakland-San Jose DMA.  CMC-TV is a Nielsen client and is included in the rating company’s market sample. Overnight numbers confirm CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL routinely outdraws all competing national cable music channels. In addition, the Station's household and demographic ratings compete efficiently with all stations in San Francisco. CMC delivers positive results because the audience pays close attention even between music sets. Viewers watch not just for their favorite songs, but also for a chance to win a variety of prizes served up generously in lavish CMC promotions. When CMC jocks promote our clients' products they really sell. In addition to on air promotions, the CMC Video Cruiser and Street Team go on location to build Station and client popularity.

Wide Audience
Another prominent attribute of CMC is the Channel's wide appeal attracts several sought after age groups. CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL with its contemporary hit playlist, fun personalities Arianne, Gabby, Mary, Chuy, Miguel, Kimmie and Leslie, and all driven by CMC's trademark pop music video format attracts a large general audience of adults 18-49 and 25-54.

Music Video and So Much More
CMC incorporates the most positive attributes of a popular major market radio station with the inherent impact and power of television. CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL was only a vision in the summer of 1981. Six months later, it served 25,000 households on one cable channel in Oakland, California. Today the CMC family of music channels serve over two million television households via full power broadcast and cable coverage in the nation's sixth largest market and with nationwide reach on Tomorrow CMC will continue to be the survivor, innovator and successful leader in the exciting evolution of American broadcasting.


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