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3/13/2023 - 3/19/2023

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1 Chase Mitchell Back Road CHYP 23 CU1
2 Hey Girl Anne Wilson Sparrow Records 22 CU1
3 Never Have I Ever Garrett Biggs Garrett Biggs Music 22 CU1
4 White Horse (The Forgotten Dylan Jarvis Ghost Entertainment 22 CU1
5 Trouble Rachel Stacy Rachel Stacy Music 22 CU1
6 Still A Few Cowboys Left Ben Gallaher Stone Country Records 22 CU1
7 Don't Laugh At Me Home Free With Mark Willis Home Free Records 22 CU1
8 Toy Soldiers Simone Smith 22 CU1
9 Broken Hearts (Do Broken T Runaway June F2 Entertainment Grou 22 CU1
10 I Know Who I Am Tara Shannon Willow Sound Records 22 CU1
11 Late November Jake Ybarra 22 CU1
12 Big Bass Problem Robert Abernathy Destiny Record Label 22 CU1
13 SO LONG EMILY Brian Keith 22 CU1
14 Raise Her Right Lavon Coates 22 CU1
15 Brilliantly Boldly Alive Rebecca Folsom 22 CU1
16 For What It's Worth Breland Atlantic Records 21 CU1
17 Gold Rush Lauren Reno Majestic Ape Records 21 CU1
18 All Horses Firin' American Blonde Southern Halo LLC 21 CU1
19 Tennessee Honey Laura Ashley 21 CU1
20 Over For Good Jim Jacobs Turner Up Recording 21 CU1
21 cowboy take me away Brittney Spencer Elektra Music Group 21 CU1
22 Asking For A Friend Tim & Taylor 21 CU1
23 Runnin' Late Hayley Payne 21 CU1
24 Sing It Loud The Ten Ton Tinnies 21 CU1
25 We’ve Got To Keep On Meeti Flint Thompson Lake Paradise Records 21 CU1
26 The Building Emily Ann Roberts Starstruck Records 21 CU1
27 Had It All Wrong Will Carter Band Way Back Records 21 CU1
28 Masquerade Marilynne Anne Southern Railway Musi 21 CU1
29 When God Made The South Alex Miller Pinecastle Records 21 CU1
30 Giddy Up! Shania Twain Republic Nashville 21 CU1
31 Something In The Water Rusty Gear Chickahominy Marsh Re 21 CU1
32 i don't hate u (my mom thi Daisy Briggs 21 CU1
33 Sweet Spot 3 Pairs Of Boots Dark Country Music 20 CU1
34 This House Ain't Big Enoug Joey Green 20 CU1
35 You're My First, The Last, Englebert Humperdinck OK! Good Records 20 CU1
36 Drunk As It Takes Jaret Ray Reddick [+] Frank Tur Brando Records 20 CU1
37 Thought You Should Know Morgan Wallen Big Loud/Republic Rec 20 CU1
38 Came Here To Dance Keith Burns Song Consortium 20 CU1
39 Glasses Pete Schlegel [+] Cledus T. Jud CDX Nashville 20 CU1
40 I Can't Sleep Lane Smith Lane Smith Music 20 CU1
41 Whatcha Know About That Lily Rose Big Loud Records/Repu 19 CU1
42 Jawbreaker Laura Bryna LTD Entertainment LLC 19 CU1
43 Heartbreak Song Michelle Wright BFD/Audium Nashville 19 CU1
44 Clear Your Mind Lane Smith 19 CU1
45 Mighty Love 3 Pairs Of Boots Dark Country Music 19 CU1
46 These Roots Amanda Hagel 19 CU1
47 Whatever On The Rocks See Your Shadow 19 CU1
48 The Lost Years Stephanie Quayle Big Sky Music Group 18 CU1
49 Nowhere Lucas Hoge Forge Entertainment G 18 CU1
50 Old Home Place Mo Pitney Curb Records 18 CU1
51 Things We Don't Talk About Casey Edgar Go Long Entertainment 18 CU1
52 Can't Have Mine (Find You Dylan Scott Curb Records 17 CU1
53 Never Not a Good Time Presley & Taylor [+] Hayley Mae White Mustang Records 17 CU1
54 Hellraisers in Heaven The Lacs [+] Murphy Elmore Dirt Rock Empire 17 CU1
55 Save The Roses Lee Brice Curb Records 16 CU1




CU1 = Current | HC = Holiday

Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic

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