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10/04/2022 - 10/10/2022

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1 Probably Not Kali Indiana 22 CU1
2 Like The Wind Wynn Williams DUBYA Records, LLC 22 CU1
3 Black Horse Through Hell Reuben Brock 22 CU1
4 Urban Cowboy Glenn Valles 22 CU1
5 The Rest Of It's Mine Billy Dean [+] Paul Overstreet Sony/Orchard 22 CU1
6 Heart Of A Small Town Tim Dugger Curb Records 22 CU1
7 Who You Are Cody Jasper Worldsound American Artiste 22 CU1
8 Old Barns and Farm Houses Tim Elliott Boggs River Entertainment 22 CU1
9 Vintage Liam Coleman Marathon Entertainment 22 CU1
10 Let The Damn Thing Break Noah Guthrie ONErpm 22 CU1
11 Damn Sandwich Jordan Rainer Mustang Warrior Entertainment 22 CU1
12 Show Me Your Fish Clayton Anderson Visionary Entertainment and Media 22 CU1
13 Trouble Rachel Stacy Rachel Stacy Music 22 CU1
14 Married In A Honky Tonk Jenny Tolman Old Sol Records 21 CU1
15 Country Girls American Young Curb Records 21 CU1
16 Son Of A Dillon Carmichael Riser House Records 21 CU1
17 It Was Red Jesse Lopez 21 CU1
18 Amazing Cassidy-Rae 21 CU1
19 Man In Black AstroGrizz 21 CU1
20 The Ballad Of Elvis Presley Josie Cotton [+] Kevin Preston Kitten Robot 21 CU1
21 Two Hands Albert Cummings Ivy Music Company 21 CU1
22 Simple Life The Ten Ton Tinnies 21 CU1
23 Lake Days Cam Allen G.O.A.T. Entertainment, LLC 21 CU1
24 In A Summer Jackie Guy Evolution 21 CU1
25 Back In The Day Madison Station Yellowhammer Records/Brown Lee Entertainment 21 CU1
26 Stone's Throw The Red Clay Strays The Red Clay Strays Music 21 CU1
27 Stoney Lonesome Road Ludlow Creek 21 CU1
28 Trash Talk Leah Belle Faser 21 CU1
29 Run Home Leah Justine 419 Records 21 CU1
30 View From Here Miranda Easten 21 CU1
31 Country Can Hannah Ellis Curb Records 21 CU1
32 For What It's Worth Breland Atlantic Records 21 CU1
33 Hey Girl Anne Wilson Sparrow Records 21 CU1
34 Never Have I Ever Garrett Biggs Garrett Biggs Music 21 CU1
35 Family Thing Dustin Chapman [+] Ryleigh Madi 20 CU1
36 Showdown Bernadette Kathryn MC1 Nashville 20 CU1
37 Before I Knew It Mason Ramsey Atlantic Records 20 CU1
38 Gonna Take A Real Strong Man Dianña Billeegee Productions 20 CU1
39 Bottle's Worth A Dime Lauren Reno Majestic Ape Records 20 CU1
40 Burn Free Dylan Jarvis Ghost Entertainment 20 CU1
41 Sunshine State Soul Circus Cowboys Kismet Nashville 20 CU1
42 Come On Home Alexa Goldie 20 CU1
43 Stuck Ariel Hutchins Ariel Hutchins Music 20 CU1
44 White Horse (The Forgotten) Dylan Jarvis Ghost Entertainment 20 CU1
45 Need Somebody Albert Cummings Ivy Music Company 19 CU1
46 Who You Are The Swon_Brothers TSB Records 19 CU1
47 Drive Tom Yankton Southern Stock Entertainment 19 CU1
48 Lend Me Your Heart Ryan Necci [+] The Buffalo Gosp BMG Rights Management 19 CU1
49 Natural Breland Atlantic Records 19 CU1
50 Cruisin' Through A Small Town Brandon Maddox 19 CU1
51 Humpty Dumpty Heart The Isaacs 18 CU1
52 Real Americans Tommy Steele Band Triple Creek Records 18 CU1
53 When My Truck Jim Stanard Manatee Records 18 CU1
54 Gold Rush Lauren Reno Majestic Ape Records 16 CU1





CU1 = Current | HC = Holiday

Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic

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